Mapping The Inner World:  Beverley Ferguson

Thursday 5th July – Wednesday 11th July 12-5pm
Open Evening:   Thursday 5th July 6-8pm

Using paper medical notes both in my work and as  starting points  I create a visual narrative for my experiences in the mental health system.  I respond to and explore through a variety of textures:  paper, textiles, sound and mixed media the notion of ‘sections’.  How it feels to be separated and cut off from the outside world by illness informs much of my work.  It is also a celebration of life, as renewal and vitality return.  These changing patters are expressed by my use of design, form, colour and rhythm.  The creative process enables me to begin to build bridges, making a map for my inner world.

Repeat, Rehash: Alice Card-Hall
15th June – 29th June: 12.00-5.00pm
Open Evening: Thursday 14th June, 6.00-8.00pm

An exploration of the ways in which printmaking can inhabit a sculptural space.  The first solo exhibition by emerging installation printmaker Alice Card-Hall.

Printed scrolls of paper are draped, wrapped and rolled, manoeuvring and flowing through the gallery space. Shapes created by these compositions inspire line-work from which new print plates are born, and the cycle of print, installation and re-construction continues!

Lino and wood cuts build up oscillating designs, and monoprints dissolve into white: Each print seen here is hand pressed by the artist. The resulting tonal qualities make each edition individual despite the reuse of print plates. This creates a playful relationship between ideas of autonomy and mass production of artworks.

This exhibition is the culmination of Alice’s residency at Bath Artist Studios’, showcasing a range of prints which fall somewhere between image and object.

24 May – 8 June:  Open Tuesday-Friday 12-5pm, or by appointment

Fresh Art @ Fringe Art Bath 2018 has created a collaborative multimedia exhibition inspired by the collections of the Holburne, No1 Royal Crescent and the American Museum in Bath.  THis new artwork will be donated to NHS House.  During the exhibition there will be free creative arts, health and wellbeing workshops as part of the engagement programme.

The Fresh Art @ project promotes positive wellbeing by engaging with cultural settings and community to create artwork to enliven clinical environments and is supported by Creativity Works, Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership Trust (AWP), Bath Museums and Virgin Care.

For more details:
07761 438 852


Friday 26th January – Sunday 11th February: 12.00-5.00pm
Opening Evening Thursday 25th January: 6.00-8.00pm

A group of figures react to an unseen work of art, capturing a variety of emotions; curiosity, fascination, bewilderment, even hostility. It is up to us, the viewer to recreate the invisible work in our minds eye, and depending upon its nature, our perception of the character of the sculpted gallery goers changes.

Centred on the completed figure group and accompanied by preparatory drawings and documentary photos, the body of work in this exhibition is the result of a project by one of Bath Artists’ Studios longest standing classes led by sculptor Sue Larner.

The group aim to use this exhibition as a springboard from which to secure the eventual realisation of the piece as a permanent work for a public space in Bath.

Friday 17th November – Tuesday 5th December 12.00pm-5.00pm

Tonkin Liu is a London-based multidisciplinary architecture studio with a highly original and acclaimed portfolio of radical houses and large scale public sculptures.  Through models, photographs and drawings, the studio presents a selection of their most celebrated projects, showcased collectively for the first time.

The projects demonstrate a seamless interconnectivity between architecture, art and nature.  Each is a bespoke product of its unique context; finely tuned to the place it is sited, the people who occupy it, and the culture that surrounds it.  The work spans fifteen years of practice and includes the ‘Singing Ringing Tree’, one of 21 British Landmarks of the 21st Century, and several RIBA Award-winning houses.

Friday 20th – Tuesday 31st October, 12pm-5pm

An exhibition of work produced by two artists who have recently participated in the residency exchange initiative between Town Hall Arts in Trowbridge and Bath Artists’ Studios.

Anya Beaumont is an artist, mapper and lecturer.  Contrasts in the physical environment and its influence have been a significant factor in her practice.  WIthin her observations of place, concerns of contemporary life infiltrate the pieces and sit alongside musings on Britain’s architectural story.  This is most often manifested in the obsessive, labour intensive cutting and arranging of a great many pieces but also the use of artificial colours and media applied to organic forms.  Anya received an MA in Fine Art Theory and Practice from Middlesex University in 2004 and has since been engaged in a number of projects including residencies, commissions and making large scape maps.  Anya relocated to Corsham from London in 2015,

Clare Winnan uses sculpture and installation to create seductive yet disturbing works that draw on the tensions between often delicate objects and their more sinister underlying messages.  By using unlikely media to realise her ideas, Clare creates a world of contradiction where innocence is paired with violence;  where death comes to life; and where the vibrancy of life is cages or bottled antiquity.  A preoccupation with childhood and family memories often finds its way into the work, filtered through the passage of time and the experiences of life.  THese themes are explored throuhg found objects which come ready-made with nostalgia and meaning.  Clare obsessively collects and hoards these objects always on the look out for insects, doll parts, skulls and doll furniture at every opportunity.

Clare and Anya will give a lunchtime talk about their work on Wednesday 25th October at 12.30pm


Royal United Hospital Central Corridor:  Until 20 September 2017
At Bath Artists’ Studios:  22-24 September 2017

Felicity Bowers:  ‘Another Mix Up’

For the second year, Bath Artists’ Studios and Art At The Heart are collaborating to hold a ‘Silent Auction’ of works donated by studio members.   Consisting of a series of specially produced pieces on 12″x12″ panels, this exhibition shows the diversity of creative talent at BAS from abstract to traditionally figurative works encompassing painting, printmaking, collage, ceramics and photography.

Member of the public will be able to bid for works whilst it is on display at the RUH and at Bath Artists’ Studios where they will be exhibited during our 20th Anniversary Open Studios Weekend from 22nd-24th September.

For the first time, Bath Artists’ Studios and Art At The Heart are teaming up with Love From The Artist to make images of the works available as greetings cards http://www.lovefromtheartist.com

All proceeds of funds raised through this project will be dedicated to the work of our two organisations.

A reserve price of £75 will be applied to ‘one off’ artworks and £35 for editioned pieces (photography and print).  Bids can be made at both the Hospital and during our Open Studios weekend or by visiting Art At The Heart’s website http://artatruh.org/exhibitions/temporary-programme/central-exhibition/