In a new partnership with the University of Bath Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering and The Edge we are excited to be introducing a new series of artists’ talks in the Spring season

Dispossession : Adapting Anthony Trollope

Simon Grennan

Thursday January 26th at 6.15 pm

Simon will take you on his extradordinary creative journey, researching and drawing the glittering Dispossession, the first graphic adaptation of a novel by nineteenth century writer Anthony Trollope.  He will describe the unexpected ideas, histories and people involved in his research.  Simon will place Dispossession in the context of the contemporary vogue for nineteenth century adaptations..  Where does it fit?  Does Dispossession combine the strands of his journey, utilising the comics medium to excite readers anew about our Victorian past?

A scholar of visual narratology, Dr Simon Grennan has been half of international artists team Grennan and Sperandio since 1990 producing over forty comics and books

Dispossession was a Guardian Book of the Year 2015

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Sculpture and Hydraulics

James Capper  Thursday 16th February  6.15 pm Weston Studio, The Edge 

The works of sculptor James Capper separate into what he calls DIVISIONS: EARTH MARKING, CARVING, OFFSHORE, MATERIAL HANDLING and AVIATION.  This self-deployed genealogy encompasses the artist’s passion for hydraulic engineering.  Less obvious is the journey of experimentation and refinement Capper is undertaking to perfect machines that sculpt on his behalf.  Able to transcend componentry and service as recognisable works of art in their own right; the intermittent functionality of sculptures make evident this parallel quest for automation – an evolutionary endeavour, as concerned  with process and outcome as it is with form.

James Capper has exhibited at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Manchester Art Gallery, Saatchi Gallery, London.  He won the Royal Academy’s Jack Goldhill Award for Sculpture in 2009 and in 2011 was the recipient of the Royal Society of British Sculptors Bursary Award.

The talk accompanies his solo exhibition at The Edge.

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Art and Context

Lucinda Burgess, Thursday February 23rd 6.15 pm 

Lucinda Burgess has had several diffierent lives: as an artist, a Buddhist nun, a landscape and garden designer.  Her current work is clearly informed by these experiences.  The natural processes of change – over which a gardener attemtps to exercise control through ongoing maintenance -are inegral to her pieces, while oriental philosphy drives her thinkging.

Lucinda has exhibited widely in the UK with public commissions for Kew Gardens Porthleven and The National Trust.

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Tenjinyama Art Studio : Paul Bradley-Cong

Thursday March 30th 6.15 pm 

Opened in 2014, the Tenjinyama Art Studio in Sapporo, Japan was established to foster national and international artist-in-residence programmes. In 2016 Bath based writer Paul Bradley-Cong secured a short residency at Tenjinyama and his talk will focus on his experiences at the studios.

Paul is a developing writer.  His first novel was ‘Little Deaths and Resurrections’.

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Lunchtime Talks @ BAS

Our regular lunchtime talks take place in our building at Comfortable Place and feature an introduction to the work of members of our community, exhibiting artists and our artists in residence.  All talks are free of charge.

Louis D’Arcy Reed

Friday 27 January 1.00 pm

One of our two current artists in residence, Louis will present his owrk as an artist, curator and researcher.

Steve Burden

Friday 3rd February 1.00 pm

Steve will be giving a talk about his exhibition ‘Pepys’ on show in the Roper Gallery

Ellie Mawby

Friday 24th February 1.00 pm

Influenced by Japanese art and culture, Ellie will speak about her work and the new work she is making as one of our current artists in residence.

Victoria Topping

Friday 24th March 1.00 pm

A recently arrived member of our community, Victoria will be delivering an illustrated talk about her work using a combination of new technology and tradtional techniques.